The rising of cultural management is accompanied with the surging of corporate culture. While, even to these days, since many domestic entrepreneurs and theorists still have improper concepts on enterprise culture, leading to inefficiently taking active roles of cultural management on enterprise development, what’s worse, it cause lots of enterprises jam in unsustainable and unhealthy development crisis.
    View corporate culture from anther point of view

      Corporate culture is a set of basic assumption formed in enterprise living and developing process to solve problems between enterprise internal merging and external environment coordination. The final function of corporate culture is to make enterprise systematically solve problems in the whole developing process based on the objective laws of oneself, humanization and things evolution, so as to achieve enterprise long-term development.

   After enterprise grew to century-old Corporation, it will definitely require enterprise to gain profit continuously in the long-term business development, while not to strive for the single index of short-term maximum profit, but consider comprehensively on enterprise multi-aspects. Timely adjusting and contemplating corporate culture is to scheme company efficient development in future, and sound interact with environment. Through think corporate culture, sustainably view company conditions, owned resources, adopted concepts and behaviors, prior to objective environment changed, carefully choose and transfer concepts  ways and behaviors mode, so that corporate culture can adjust to changeable environment and achieve company sustainable development.

      For the long-lived company, compatible and adjustable corporate culture is absolutely available. While on the edge of death enterprise, corporate culture is definitely not suit to its environment or cannot sustainable adjusted.

   Achieve mutual understanding between enterprise and staff

  Recognize corporate culture, it is good for enterprise to consider developing problems from human aspect, that is, people oriented. People first does not mean to regard people as enterprise business center, still not take part people as core, but fully recognize people potential function on human and management merging ability in business practice. In company, strategy is implemented by people, flow is run by person, and production line is operated by worker. Looking people from which aspects, taking what kind of administrative measures will both determine people working state and ability whether full play, so as to have influence on future correspondence and final effect enterprise business returns.
     Analyzing corporate culture is also the process to make staff familiar with company. Since company founded, continuously explore useful business strategy and management mode, and shape this stable administrative paradigm. Strategy formed in influence of fixed mode, maybe not the best, while reasonability and inevitability are absolutely sure. It conforms to somewhat company behavior mode and concept ways. However, these reasons assumption or concept mode is the product of past learning, just suits to past enterprise environment, not certainly consistent with present environment situation. After time passed by, company freshers and new leaders will possibly able to apply the mode, while not understand the reason of mode forming, in the end, they will confuse on strategy compiling and implementation and finally definitely influence the result. Through analyzing enterprise culture, know the deep reasons why make these strategies and to determine adjusting degree with present environment, only in this way it can ensure science and reasonability of marketing, meanwhile, implement ability also only can be improved.